About Us

We are Melissa and Aria, sisters in law who've known each other since high school. It all started with a birthday party. And a home made pinata. And lots and lots of themed decor and food. We threw parties for our friends and later, our children. Guests told us we should party plan for a living. We thought to ourselves, maybe not parties, but something. We definitely have some kind of magic when we get together and we needed to bottle it. In 2017, we started plotting. Craft shows. Etsy shops. We were looking at what other people were making and what was lacking in the market place. We took a massive leap and bought a laser. Illuminated Atlanta was born. What started as a "I think we can make earrings and little lamps" turned into custom engraving, bespoke jewelry, and so much more.





Wholesale and custom order inquiries are always welcome. Contact us at illuminatedatlanta[at]gmail.com or on any social media platform (@illuminatedatl).